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ACCESS Broadway NY Logo – “Access” is written in all caps in light
     blue and white font, each letter represents a different disability. A service
     dog is overlayed on the letter A, a person sitting in a wheelchair creates
     the letter C, the second C has a hearing aid inlaid through the top and
     side, the E is completed with an infinity symbol for autism rotated 90
     degrees, the first S has three dots in the placement of the braille letter S,
     and the final S has a hand finishing either side of the S representing ASL
     Interpretation. Directly underneath is the word Broadway in all caps and in
     white laid over a dark green rectangle representing a New York City street

What We Do

A group of ASL interpreters stand smiling with their arms around one
        another in front of the stage of Book of Mormon. L-R; Alberto Medero, Mark Weissglass, Patrice Creamer, Osaze Ogbeide,
        Patrick Michael

All About ACCESS Broadway NY

We believe in making Theatre truly Accessible for all, from impartial advice to a complete Access Audit to help make the most of your space. We strive to help entertainment venues create paths for accessibility in all areas.

Students from the Carroll School for the Blind stand with their canes,
            listening to Into the Woods cast members Jim Stanek and Felicia Curry talk
            about some of the props and costumes during a guided touch tour in
            Boston, MA 2023.

The Technical Stuff

Whether you're just starting out or looking to implement long lasting change, we've are your partner for making your venue, staff and performances accessible and welcoming for EVERYONE. We are an committed to leading your organization as look to foster meaningful inclusive performances for all communities.

Our Expertise

We are a group of consultants, advocates and strategists that use our combined experiences to create a thorough and clear map to Accessibility for you and your entertainment venue. We hope to not only to connect with our clients but to create long lasting mutually respectful relationships. 

About ACCESS Broadway NY

A birds eye view of hands typing on a laptop. A black notebook and
            pen are to the left of the laptop and to the right is a cup of black coffee
            and a white Iphone.

Our Experience

After 5 years in the industry, we decided to alter our focus. In recognizing the large gaps in Accessibility on Broadway we have decided to become a group resource available to Venues throughout the country. To date have worked with regional theaters, Broadway venues and educational institutions on how to become truly inclusive.  

Our Approach

Our service includes a comprehensive consult to help identify gaps and opportunities, a detailed report that includes a project plan with timelines and a schedule. We also offer ADA training for your staff and venue to help you become ADA compliant. 

An Access Broadway NY Tablet on a stand is positioned in front of
            the stage of Into the Woods, the playbill logo is present on the tablet, this
            is Access Broadway’s Act 1 Access software.
Daisy, a 50 lb black lab, sits and smiles in front of a step and repeat
            at opening night of Hamlet, for the Public Theater’s Shakespeare in the

Why Us?

When in comes to Inclusion we have found that not only listening to Disabled voices but working with a company run by disabled people makes all the difference. We want to give each venue a comprehensive look at inclusion from the people it directly effects. Together we’ll create and refine your plan for success.   

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